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Icon Name Description Repos
HuggingFace HugginFace is a collaboration platform allowing to host and collaborate on unlimited models, datasets and applications. GitHub Repo stars
CivitAI Explore thousands of high-quality Stable Diffusion models, share your AI-generated art, and engage with a vibrant community of creators. GitHub Repo stars
Mistral AI Open and portable generative AI for devs and businesses. GitHub Repo stars
Anthropic Anthropic is an AI safety and research company that's working to build reliable, interpretable, and steerable AI systems. GitHub Repo stars
Groq Groq is a modern, open-source, and scalable search and query engine designed for large-scale data sets. GitHub Repo stars
OpenAI OpenAI Platform API for accessing new AI models developed by OpenAI. GitHub Repo stars
Perplexity Pplx API will help you get started with blazingly fast LLM inference. -
OpenRouter A unified interface for LLMs. Find the best models & prices for your prompts. GitHub Repo stars
Gemini API Experience Google’s largest and most capable AI model. GitHub Repo stars
Cohere Cohere provides industry-leading large language models (LLMs) and RAG capabilities. GitHub Repo stars
OctoAI Build and scale production applications on the latest optimized models and fine tunes. GitHub Repo stars
Anyscale Ray is the most popular open source framework for scaling and productionizing AI workloads. GitHub Repo stars
Stability AI Stability AI Developer Platform Explore the possibilities of generative AI GitHub Repo stars
Lite LLM LiteLLM handles loadbalancing, fallbacks and spend tracking across 100+ LLMs. All in the OpenAI format. GitHub Repo stars

AI Cloud

Icon Name Description Repos
Together AI Build gen AI models with Together AI. Benefit from the fastest and most cost-efficient tools and infra. GitHub Repo stars
Vertex AI Vertex AI is a fully-managed, unified AI development platform for building and using generative AI. GitHub Repo stars
Sagemaker Quickly develop generative AI experiences with a diverse set of prebuilt and curated models from OpenAI, Meta and beyond. GitHub Repo stars
Azure OpenAI Azure OpenAI Service. Build your own copilot and generative AI applications GitHub Repo stars
Rundiffusion Run Stable Diffusion In The Cloud. Fully Managed Open Source Ai Tools -
Replicate Run and fine-tune open-source models. Deploy custom models at scale. All with one line of code. GitHub Repo stars
Paperspace Build & Run AI/ML Models on NVIDIA H100 GPUs. Develop, train, and deploy AI applications. GitHub Repo stars
Bedrock The easiest way to build and scale generative AI applications with foundation models. GitHub Repo stars
Workers AI Run machine learning models, powered by serverless GPUs, on Cloudflare’s global network. GitHub Repo stars
Scaleway Discover European sovereign cloud services to scale your AI projects from A to Z. GitHub Repo stars

LLMs Backend

Icon Name Description Repos
Llama.cpp The main goal of llama.cpp is to run the LLaMA model using 4-bit integer quantization on a MacBook. GitHub Repo stars
Mudler LocalAGI LocalAGI is a small virtual assistant that you can run locally, made by the LocalAI author and powered by it. GitHub Repo stars
Ollama Ollama is LLMs Backend that allow you to get up and running with large language models locally. GitHub Repo stars
Mudler LocalAI Drop-in replacement for OpenAI running on consumer-grade hardware. No GPU required. GitHub Repo stars
Kobold cpp KoboldCpp is an easy-to-use AI text-generation software for GGML and GGUF models. GitHub Repo stars
gpt4all Open-source large language models that run locally on your CPU and nearly any GPU. GitHub Repo stars
Kobold cpp Rocm AI Inferencing at the Edge. A simple one-file way to run various GGML models with KoboldAI’s UI with AMD ROCm offloading. GitHub Repo stars
Text Gen WebUI Oobabooga Text Generation WebUI is a Gradio browser interface for Large Language Models. Supports transformers, GPTQ, AWQ, EXL2, llama.cpp (GGUF), Llama models. GitHub Repo stars
vLLM A high-throughput and memory-efficient inference and serving engine for LLMs. GitHub Repo stars
ExLlama A fast inference library for running LLMs locally on modern consumer-class GPUs. GitHub Repo stars


Icon Name Description Repos
Local AI Local AI is a desktop app for local, private, secured AI experimentation. GitHub Repo stars
Serge Serge is a chat interface crafted with llama.cpp for running GGUF models. No API keys, entirely self-hosted. GitHub Repo stars
Llama2 WebUI Run any Llama 2 locally with gradio UI on GPU or CPU from anywhere (Linux/Windows/Mac). GitHub Repo stars
Dialoqbase Dialoqbase is an open-source application designed to facilitate the creation of custom chatbots using a personalized knowledge base. GitHub Repo stars
Silly Tavern SillyTavern is a Chat UI that allows you to interact with text generation AIs and chat/roleplay with characters you or the community create. GitHub Repo stars
Alpaca Electron Alpaca Electron is built from the ground-up to be the easiest way to chat with the alpaca AI models. No command line or compiling needed. GitHub Repo stars
LM Studio LM Studio is a desktop application for discovering and running Large Language Models locally. GitHub Repo stars
Lobe Chat Lobe Chat is an open-source, high-performance chatbot framework that supports speech synthesis, multimodal, and extensible Function Call plugin system. GitHub Repo stars
LibreChat LibreChat brings together the future of assistant AIs with the revolutionary technology of OpenAI’s ChatGPT. GitHub Repo stars
Maid Maid is a cross-platform Flutter app for interfacing with GGUF / llama.cpp models locally, and with Ollama models remotely. GitHub Repo stars
NextPy NextPy is a Pythonic Web App framework For Humans & LLMs, Simple like Streamlit + Fast and Flexible like Next.js. GitHub Repo stars
Tavern AI TavernAI is an atmospheric frontend for chat and storywriting, compatible with many backends. GitHub Repo stars
Bionic GPT BionicGPT is an on-premise replacement for ChatGPT, offering the advantages of Generative AI while maintaining strict data confidentiality. GitHub Repo stars
Anse Supercharged experience for multiple models such as ChatGPT, DALL-E and Stable Diffusion. GitHub Repo stars
ShellGPT A command-line productivity tool powered by AI large language models like GPT-4, will help you accomplish your tasks faster and more efficiently. GitHub Repo stars
JanAI Open-source ChatGPT alternative that runs 100% offline on your computer. GitHub Repo stars
Noi Noi is an AI-enhanced, customizable browser designed to streamline your digital experience GitHub Repo stars
Open WebUI Open WebUI is an extensible, feature-rich, and user-friendly self-hosted WebUI designed to operate entirely offline. GitHub Repo stars

Stable Diffusion

Icon Name Description Repos
Fooocus Fooocus is an image generating software (based on Gradio). Fooocus is a rethinking of Stable Diffusion and Midjourney’s designs. GitHub Repo stars
Krita AI Streamlined interface for generating images with AI in Krita. Inpaint and outpaint with optional text prompt, no tweaking required. GitHub Repo stars
VoltaML Volta ML is Beautiful and Easy to use a Stable Diffusion WebUI with an API accelerated by AITemplate. GitHub Repo stars
InvokeAI InvokeAI is a creative engine for Stable Diffusion models, empowering people to generate and create visual media using the latest AI-driven technologies. GitHub Repo stars
SHARK Shark is an Stable Diffusion Backend optimised for Rocm and AMD GPUs that you can use with Blender and Kobold.cpp. GitHub Repo stars
Face Fusion Face Fusion is the next generation face swapper and enhancer that use Stable Diffusion as backend. GitHub Repo stars
Stable Studio StableStudio is Stability AI’s official open-source variant of DreamStudio. It is a web-based application that allows users to create and edit generated images. GitHub Repo stars
SD Next SD Next is a Stable Diffusion implementation with advanced features. GitHub Repo stars
Fooocus MRE Fooocus-MRE is an image generating software (based on Gradio), an enhanced variant of the original Fooocus dedicated for a bit more advanced users. GitHub Repo stars
Stability Matrix Stability Matrix is a Multi-Platform Package Manager and Inference UI for Stable Diffusion. GitHub Repo stars
A1111 WebUI Stable Diffusion Web UI is a Gradio browser interface for the Generative AI model Stable Diffusion. GitHub Repo stars
Comfy UI ComfyUI is a stable diffusion GUI and backend that let you design and execute advanced stable diffusion pipelines using a graph/nodes/flowchart based interface. GitHub Repo stars
ImaginAIry Pythonic AI generation of images and videos. GitHub Repo stars
Riffusion App Riffusion is an app for real-time music generation with stable diffusion. GitHub Repo stars
SlingRING SlingRING is an open-source web application designed to streamline and simplify controlling and accessing various AI applications on your local system. GitHub Repo stars
Dreamfusion Stable Dreamfusion is a pytorch implementation of the text-to-3D model Dreamfusion, powered by the Stable Diffusion text-to-2D model. GitHub Repo stars
Llama Cleaner Image inpainting tool powered by SOTA AI Model. Remove any unwanted object, defect, people from your pictures or erase and replace any thing on your pictures. GitHub Repo stars
Three Studio Threestudio is an unified framework for 3D content creation from text prompts, single images, and few-shot images, by lifting 2D text-to-image generation models. GitHub Repo stars
Dream Textures Dream Textures let you create textures, concept art, background assets, and more with a simple text prompt on Blender. GitHub Repo stars
PhotoMaker PhotoMaker let you customize Realistic Human Photos via Stacked ID Embedding. GitHub Repo stars

Code Assistant

Icon Name Description Repos
Refact Refact is an open-source AI coding assistant with blazing-fast code completion, powerful code improvement tools, and chat. GitHub Repo stars
Draw a UI Draw a mockup and generate html for it using AI. GitHub Repo stars
Continue Continue is an open-source autopilot for VS Code and JetBrains—the easiest way to code with any LLM. GitHub Repo stars
Sweep AI Sweep is an AI junior developer that turns bugs and feature requests into code changes. GitHub Repo stars
Cody Dev Cody is a free, open-source AI coding assistant that can write and fix code, provide AI-generated autocomplete, and answer your coding questions. GitHub Repo stars
Aider Aider is a command line tool that lets you pair program with GPT-3.5/GPT-4, to edit code stored in your local git repository. GitHub Repo stars
AutoPR AutoPR provides an automated pull request workflow. It’s designed to help automate tasks in a pull request process. GitHub Repo stars
Bloop bloop is ChatGPT for your code. Ask questions in natural language, search for code and generate patches using your existing codebase as context. GitHub Repo stars
ChatDev ChatDev stands as a virtual software company that operates through various intelligent agents holding different roles. GitHub Repo stars
Cody Assistant Cody is your AI Coding Assistant designed to let you interactively query your codebase using natural language. GitHub Repo stars
GPT Engineer Specify what you want it to build, the AI asks for clarification, and then builds it. GitHub Repo stars
GPT Migrate Easily migrate your codebase from one framework or language to another. GitHub Repo stars
GPT Pilot GPT Pilot is a true AI developer that writes code, debugs it, talks to you when it needs help, etc. GitHub Repo stars
Mentat Mentat is the AI tool that assists you with any coding task, right from your command line. GitHub Repo stars

Autonomous Agents

Icon Name Description Repos
pinokio Pinokio is a browser that lets you install, run, and automate any AI applications and models automatically and effortlessly. GitHub Repo stars
AgentGPT AgentGPT allows you to configure and deploy Autonomous AI agents. Name your own custom AI and have it embark on any goal imaginable. GitHub Repo stars
SuperAGI SuperAGI is a dev-first open source autonomous AI agent framework enabling developers to build, manage & run useful autonomous agents. GitHub Repo stars
LocalGPT Chat with your documents on your local device using GPT models. No data leaves your device and 100% private. GitHub Repo stars
Agentlabs Open-source universal frontend for your AI Agents that you can control with a realtime bidirectional streaming SDK from your backend. GitHub Repo stars
AutoGPT AutoGPT is the vision of accessible AI for everyone, to use and to build on. It provide the tools, so that you can focus on what matters. GitHub Repo stars
Baby AGI BabyAGI is an AI-powered task management system using OpenAI and vector databases to create, prioritize, and execute tasks. GitHub Repo stars
Crew AI Crew AI is a cutting-edge framework for orchestrating role-playing, autonomous AI agents for tackling complex tasks. GitHub Repo stars
Adala Adala offers a robust framework for implementing agents specialized in data processing, with an emphasis on diverse data labeling tasks. GitHub Repo stars
Agent4Rec Agent4Rec, a recommender system simulator with 1,000 LLM-empowered generative agents initialized from the MovieLens-1M dataset. GitHub Repo stars
AgentForge AgentForge is a low-code framework tailored for the rapid development, testing, and iteration of AI-powered autonomous agents and Cognitive Architectures. GitHub Repo stars
AI Waves Agents AI Waves Agents is an open-source library/framework for building autonomous language agents by simply filling in a config file in natural language. GitHub Repo stars
AgentVerse AgentVerse is designed to facilitate the deployment of multiple LLM-based agents in various applications providing two frameworks: task-solving and simulation. GitHub Repo stars
AutoGen AutoGen is a framework that enables the development of LLM applications using multiple agents that can converse with each other to solve tasks. GitHub Repo stars
BambooAI BambooAI is a lightweight library that leverages Language Models (LLMs) to enable natural language interactions, allowing you to source and converse with data. GitHub Repo stars
BeeBot BeeBot is your personal worker bee, an Autonomous AI Assistant designed to perform a wide range of practical tasks autonomously. GitHub Repo stars
BondAI BondAI is an open source, AI-powered assistant with a lightweight, versatile API for seamless integration into your own applications. GitHub Repo stars
Camel AI Agent CAMEL AI: Communicative Agents for “Mind” Exploration of Large Language Model Society. GitHub Repo stars
GenIA Meet your new AI platform engineering team member, it is able to work alongside you in your production environment, executing tasks on your behalf. GitHub Repo stars
GPT Researcher GPT Researcher is an autonomous agent designed for comprehensive online research on a variety of tasks. GitHub Repo stars
IX Platform IX is a platform for designing and deploying autonomous and semi-autonomous LLM powered agents and workflows. GitHub Repo stars
Jarvis The mission of JARVIS is to explore artificial general intelligence (AGI) and deliver cutting-edge research to the whole community. GitHub Repo stars
MemGPT MemGPT is a system that intelligently manages different memory tiers in LLMs in order to effectively provide context within the LLM’s limited context window. GitHub Repo stars
MetaGPT MetaGPT is a Multi-Agent Framework. Assign different roles to GPTs to form a collaborative software entity for complex tasks. GitHub Repo stars
MiniAGI MiniAGI is a simple autonomous agent compatible with GPT-3.5-Turbo and GPT-4. GitHub Repo stars
OpenAgents OpenAgents is an open platform for using and hosting language agents in the wild of everyday life. GitHub Repo stars
Open Interpreter Let language models run code on your computer. An open-source, locally running implementation of OpenAI’s Code Interpreter. GitHub Repo stars
PromethAI Backend PromethAI is a Python AGI project that recommends choices based on a user’s goals and preferences and can modify its recommendations based on user feedback. GitHub Repo stars
SuperAgent SuperAgent is an open-source agent framework that enables any developer to integrate production-ready AI Assistants into any application in a matter of minutes. GitHub Repo stars
X Agent XAgent is an open-source experimental Large Language Model (LLM) driven autonomous agent that can automatically solve various tasks. GitHub Repo stars
Llama Index LlamaIndex is a data framework for LLM-based applications to ingest, structure, and access private or domain-specific data. GitHub Repo stars

Knowledge Manager

Icon Name Description Repos
Anything LLM Open-source ChatGPT equivalent experience for both open and close source LLMs, embedders, and vector databases. GitHub Repo stars
Docs GPT DocsGPT is a cutting-edge open-source solution that streamlines the process of finding information in the project documentation. GitHub Repo stars
Quivr Quivr, your second brain, utilizes the power of GenerativeAI to be your personal assistant. GitHub Repo stars
Chaindesk The no-code platform for building custom LLM Agents that provides a solution to quickly setup a semantic search system over your personal data. GitHub Repo stars
Solid GPT Chat with your code repository, ask repository-level code questions, and discuss your requirements. GitHub Repo stars
Examor Examor is a web application that allows you to take exams based on your knowledge notes. Let you really remember what you have learned and written. GitHub Repo stars
Second Brain Second Brain AI Agents offer a way to seamlessly index, search and interact with all your contents, markdown files, videos, web pages, and PDFs. GitHub Repo stars
Gerev Gerev is an AI-powered enterprise search engine that let you find any conversation, doc, or internal page in seconds. GitHub Repo stars
PrivateGPT PrivateGPT is a production-ready AI project that allows you to ask questions about your documents using the power of Large Language Models (LLMs). GitHub Repo stars
TxtAI txtAI is an all-in-one embeddings database for semantic search, LLM orchestration and language model workflows. GitHub Repo stars
Swirl Swirl is an open source software that simultaneously searches multiple content sources and returns AI ranked results. GitHub Repo stars
Danswer Ask Questions in natural language and get Answers backed by private sources. Connects to tools like Slack, GitHub, Confluence, etc. GitHub Repo stars

LLMs Eval

Icon Name Description Repos
AlpacaEval An automatic evaluator for instruction-following language models. Human-validated, high-quality, cheap, and fast. GitHub Repo stars
FastChat FastChat is a benchmark platform for large language models (LLMs) that features anonymous, randomized battles in a crowdsourced manner. GitHub Repo stars
BigCode Eval BigCode Evaluation Harness is a framework for the evaluation of autoregressive code generation language models. GitHub Repo stars
Promptfoo Test your prompts, models, RAGs. Evaluate and compare LLM outputs, catch regressions, and improve prompt quality. GitHub Repo stars

LLMs Framework

Icon Name Description Repos
Unsloth Unsloth is an open-source framework which allow you to unslow finetuning for Large Language Models. GitHub Repo stars
Pezzo Pezzo is an open-source, developer-first LLMOps platform designed to streamline prompt design, version management, instant delivery, observability and more. GitHub Repo stars
Lunary Lunary is a production toolkit for LLMs. Observability, prompt management and evaluations. GitHub Repo stars
Ludwig Ludwig is a low-code framework for building custom AI models like LLMs and other deep neural networks. GitHub Repo stars
Langdroid Langroid is an intuitive, lightweight, extensible and principled Python framework to easily build LLM-powered applications, from ex-CMU and UW-Madison researchers. GitHub Repo stars
Langchain Langchain is aimed at assisting in the development of apps merging both LLMs and other sources of knowledge. GitHub Repo stars
LLMware Llmware is a unified framework for developing LLM-based application patterns including Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG). GitHub Repo stars
LLM App LLM App is a production framework for building and serving AI applications and LLM-enabled real-time data pipelines. GitHub Repo stars
Dify Dify allows you to deploy your own version of Assistants API and GPTs, based on any LLMs. GitHub Repo stars
NeumAI Neum AI is a data platform that helps developers leverage their data to contextualize Large Language Models through Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG). GitHub Repo stars
DB-GPT DB-GPT is an open-source framework designed for the realm of large language models (LLMs) within the database field. GitHub Repo stars
Flowise Flowise is a Drag & Drop UI to build your customized LLM automation flow. GitHub Repo stars

LLMs Training

Icon Name Description Repos
Colossal AI Maximize the runtime performance of your large neural networks with distributed techniques of Colossal-AI. GitHub Repo stars
Megatron LM Megatron is a large, powerful transformer developed by the Applied Deep Learning Research team at NVIDIA. GitHub Repo stars
DeepSpeed DeepSpeed is a deep learning optimization library that makes distributed training and inference easy, efficient, and effective. GitHub Repo stars

Vector Database

Icon Name Description Repos
MindsDB MindsDB’s AI SQL Server enables developers to build AI tools that need access to real-time data to perform their tasks. GitHub Repo stars
Weaviate Weaviate is an open source vector database that is robust, scalable, cloud-native, and fast. GitHub Repo stars
Milvus Milvus is an open-source vector database built to power embedding similarity search and AI applications. GitHub Repo stars
Qdrant Qdrant is a vector similarity search engine and vector database. GitHub Repo stars
Deeplake Deep Lake is a Database for AI powered by a storage format optimized for deep-learning applications. GitHub Repo stars
Chroma Chroma is the open-source embedding database. Chroma makes it easy to build LLM apps by making knowledge, facts, and skills pluggable for LLMs. GitHub Repo stars

AI Course

Icon Name Description Repos
Microsoft AI Lab AI Lab helps our large fast-growing community of developers get started on AI. GitHub Repo stars
ML Course Notes A place to collaborate and share lecture notes on all topics related to machine learning, NLP, and AI. GitHub Repo stars
PE Guide Prompt Engineering Guide is Github repo containing guides, papers, lecture, notebooks and resources for prompt engineering. GitHub Repo stars
GenAI Lessons A 12 Lesson course teaching everything you need to know to start building Generative AI applications. GitHub Repo stars
ML Youtube ML Youtube Courses is a Github repo indexing and organizing some of the best and most recent machine learning courses available on YouTube. GitHub Repo stars
ML Papers ML Papers Explained is a Github repo with explanations of the key concepts in Machine Learning. GitHub Repo stars
LLM Course Course to get into Large Language Models (LLMs) with roadmaps and Colab notebooks. GitHub Repo stars
HF Courses The Hugging Face course teaches you about applying Transformers to various tasks in natural language processing and beyond. GitHub Repo stars

Audio Gen

Icon Name Description Repos
Bark UI BarkUI is a Gradio Web UI for text-prompted Generative Audio Model. GitHub Repo stars
Tiny Diffusion Tiny Audio Diffusion is a repository for generating short audio samples and training waveform diffusion models on a consumer-grade GPU with less than 2GB VRAM. GitHub Repo stars
Audio WebUI Audio WebUI is a webui for different audio related Neural Networks. GitHub Repo stars
Whisper.cpp High-performance inference of OpenAI’s Whisper automatic speech recognition (ASR) model. Port of OpenAI’s Whisper model in C/C++. GitHub Repo stars