This curated collection of awesome repositories on GitHub is a comprehensive guide for developers, aspiring programmers, and anyone interested in exploring the vast world of open-source software. The list covers programming languages, frameworks, data science, DevOps, and more, offering valuable resources for various stages of development and learning. Theer are list of courses and practices site also included.

Table of Contents



  • Awesome Linux: Comprehensive list of Linux resources, distros and tools. #### Distros
    • Kali Linux: The Kali Linux penetration testing platform contains a vast array of tools and utilities.
    • ParrotSec: Choose between 600+ tools for every kind of Red and Blue team operation.
    • Ubuntu: One of the most commonly used Linux distros.


  • Awesome Mac: Awesome list of Mac OS resources
  • Windows11: Awesome W11 tips, tricks, tweaks and more.

Programming Languages


  • Awesome JavaScript: A comprehensive list of JavaScript frameworks, libraries, tools, and resources.
  • Awesome React: Collection of React frameworks, libraries, tools, and resources.
  • Awesome Vue: Curated list of Vue.js resources, libraries, tools, and frameworks.
  • Awesome Svelte: Compilation of Svelte resources, libraries, tools, and frameworks.
  • Awesome Nuxt: Dedicated list for Nuxt.js resources, libraries, tools, and frameworks.
  • Awesome Next.js: Comprehensive resource list for Next.js libraries, tools, and frameworks.
  • Awesome Svelte Kit: Curated resources for Svelte Kit, including libraries, tools, and frameworks.
  • Awesome Remix: Collection of resources for Remix, encompassing libraries, tools, and frameworks.
  • Awesome Astro: Curated list of Astro resources, libraries, tools, and frameworks.
  • JavaScript Algorithms by trekhleb: Contains JavaScript-based examples of many popular algorithms and data structures. Great for JavaScript developers and computer science students.
  • Awesome Solid.js: A curated list of awesome things related to SolidJS


Machine Learning




Public Datasets and APIs

Frameworks and Libraries



  • Awesome Node.js: Comprehensive resources for Node.js frameworks, libraries, and tools.
  • Awesome Laravel: Curated Laravel packages, resources, and opinions.
  • Awesome Ruby on Rails: Best practices and coding conventions for Ruby on Rails framework.
  • Awesome Django: Collection of Django frameworks, libraries, and resources.
  • Awesome Flask: Curated Flask frameworks, libraries, and resources.
  • Awesome Go: Comprehensive list of Go frameworks, libraries, software, and resources.
  • Awesome Rust: Curated projects and learning resources focused on Rust.
  • Awesome Spring: Collection of Spring Framework libraries, tools, and resources.
  • Awesome Deno: Curated list of Deno resources.
  • Awesome PHP: Curated list of all things PHP


  • Awesome Swift: Curated list of awesome Swift resources and tutorials.
  • Awesome React Native: Curated list of React Native components, tools, and resources.
  • Awesome Flutter: Extensive resources for Flutter, including libraries, tools, and tutorials.


Free Courses, websites and repos

  • Codewars: Online code challenges for programming skill development.
  • LeetCode: Platform with a vast library of programming problems for practice.
  • W3Schools: Comprehensive resource for learning web development languages and technologies.
  • FreeCodeCamp: Free coding bootcamp with interactive tutorials and exercises.
  • freeCodeCamp by freeCodeCamp: An open-source community that helps you learn to code. Perfect for beginners and those looking to strengthen their programming skills.
  • FullStackOpen: Open-source Full-Stack Web Development Course from University of Helsinki and Houston.
  • Finnish MOOC platform offering courses in programming, Cybersecurity and data science in English and Finnish.
  • Best Websites for Programmers by sdmg15: An essential list of websites and resources for programmers. Useful for all levels of software developers and computer science students.
  • Web Development for Beginners by Microsoft: A 24-lesson curriculum all about JavaScript, CSS, and HTML basics. Ideal for those starting in web development.
  • The Odin Project: Structured curriculum for learning web development.
  • Courses on data science topics, including SQL, Python, and Machine Learning.
  • DataCamp: Interactive courses on data science with hands-on projects and community support.
  • SoloLearn: Coding courses for beginners and experienced developers.
  • Mimo: Interactive coding lessons in a gamified mobile app format.
  • Python for everybody. Interactive Python tutorials covering the basics of the language.
  • Django for everybody Interactive Python Django tutorials.
  • PostgreSQL for Everybody. Tutorials on working with PostgreSQL databases.
  • Kaggle: Platform for data scientists with machine learning competitions and shared resources.
  • 100Devs: Free, community-based program by Leon Noel for tech job skills and full stack development.
  • Awesome free courses and certs: curated list of free courses and certs by Cloudcommunity.
  • BitCamp by Bit Project: Free, open-source nonprofit providing curriculums for GameDev, JavaScript, NoSQL, Serverless-Functions, and Slack-Apps.
  • Shawn Charles Value: A collection of useful resources collected by Tech X community host and developer Shawn Charles.




  • Awesome Azure Architecture: A curated list of AWESOME blogs, videos, tutorials, code, tools & scripts, related to the design and implementation of solutions in Microsoft Azure


  • Awesome GCP: A curated list of awesome applications, tools, and resources for Google Cloud Platform.

Cyber Security Repos and Practice Sites

  • Awesome Pentest by enaqx: A collection of penetration testing resources, tools, and more. Essential for cybersecurity professionals and penetration testers.
  • Awesome Cybersecurity by liyansong2018: A curated collection of cybersecurity resources. Great for anyone in the cybersecurity field, including security analysts and ethical hackers.
  • PicoCTF: Online CTF game for learning cybersecurity through challenges.
  • TryHackMe: Cybersecurity challenges with tutorials, walkthroughs, and lab environments.
  • PortSwigger Academy: Courses on web application security from the creators of Burp Suite.
  • PentesterLab: Penetration testing environments for learning cybersecurity skills.
  • HackTheBox: Penetration testing challenges and labs for skill development.
  • Haiku: Interactive walkthroughs for learning cybersecurity concepts.
  • Cybersecurity training with tutorials, exercises, and community forums.
  • Hacker101: Comprehensive curriculum for learning cybersecurity skills.
  • Certified in Cybersecurity: CC Entry level Cybersecurity Certificate free for the first 1Million participants.
  • Awesome Hacking: Awesome list of resources for Hackers, Pentesters and Security researchers.
  • Awesome web security: A curated list of all things web security and hacking
  • Awesome OSINT: Curated list of amazingly awesome OSINT resources and tools
  • Awesome Cybersecurity: Massive list of Cybersecurity resources and repos by Berkanktk

Bug Bounty Platforms

  • HackerOne: Platform connecting security researchers with companies for vulnerability reporting.
  • Intigriti: Bug bounty programs and security services for companies.
  • BugCrowd: Platform for cybersecurity professionals to find and report vulnerabilities.

Online Tools and Platforms for Cybersecurity

  • Shodan: A search engine for Internet-connected devices. It’s an invaluable tool for network security professionals and cybersecurity researchers, helping to discover which of your devices are connected to the internet, where they are located, and who is using them.
  • WhiteRabbitNeo: Cybersecurity finetuned Chatbot.
  • F-Secure SMS checker: SMS Scam checker. Currently as of 4/2024 on beta phase


Project repos, tools and websites

  • 30 Seconds of Code by Chalarangelo: A collection of short code snippets for all your development needs. Ideal for quick learning and reference for developers.
  • Projects by karan: A list of practical projects that anyone can solve in any programming language. Suitable for developers looking to improve their coding skills.
  • Build Your Own X by codecrafters-io: Encourages you to learn by doing, by building clones of popular technologies. Fantastic for hands-on learners and developers looking to understand how things work.
  • Threestudio by threestudio-project: A creative tool for 3D design and animation. Great for designers and developers in game development and 3D modeling.
  • Mini projects: List of multiple mini projects on various languages.


SQL Practice Sites

Docker and Kubernetes

  • Awesome Docker by veggiemonk: A curated list of Docker resources and projects. Ideal for DevOps engineers and cloud computing professionals.
  • Awesome K8s Resources by tomhuang12: An extensive collection of Kubernetes resources and tools. Great for system administrators and engineers working in container orchestration.

System Design

Mathematics Base for Programmers, Data Field and Machine Learning

Mathematics and Statistics Courses (FREE)

Machine Learning Mathematics Courses on Coursera (FREE TO AUDIT)



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