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A complete log of my web development skills, learning, resources, highlights, interests, and everything to do with my learning. It’s a way to keep track, organise, and share my learning.

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Course Tutor
React and TypeScript Steve Kinney
TypeScript Fundamentals v3 Mike North
JavaScript: The New Hard Parts Will Sentence
The Hard Parts of Servers and Node.js Will Sentence
Understanding TypeScript Maximilian Schwarzmüller
JavaScript: The Hard Parts Will Sentence
Dotfiles from start to finish-ish Patrick McDonald
Getting Started With Redux Dan Abramov - egghead.io
The Next.js Handbook Flavio Copes
You Don’t Know JavaScript: Types & Grammar Kyle Simpson
You Don’t Know JavaScript: Objects & Classes Kyle Simpson
You Don’t Know JavaScript: Scope & Closure Kyle Simpson
Eloquent JavaScript Marijn Haverbeke
The Complete JavaScript Handbook Flavio Copes
JavaScript clean code guide Ryan McDermott
Front-End Web Developer Nanodegree Udacity - Google Scholarship
The Beginner’s Guide to Reactjs Kent C Dodds - egghead.io
Google Developer Challenge Scholarship - Web Developer Udacity
Workflow Tools for Web Developers Christina Truong - Lynda.com
Learning Git and GitHub Ray Villalobos - Lynda.com
CSS Essential Training 3 Christina Truong - Lynda.com
CSS Essential Training 2 Christina Truong - Lynda.com
Getting Your Website Online Christina Truong - Lynda.com
Learn Enough Command Line to Be Dangerous Michael Hartl
Basic Front End Development Projects Free Code Camp
The Web Developer Bootcamp - Frond End Colt Steele - Udemy
JavaScript and React for Developers Cassidy Williams - Udemy
Front End Development Free Code Camp
JavaScript30 Wes Bos


Paths with multiple resources Author
33 concepts every JavaScript developer should know Leonardo Maldonado
Best JavaScript books, tutorials, courses & videos ReactDOM
Learn to code in 2018 Andrei Neagoie
Get Job ready - JavaScript Edition P1xt
Full Stack Web Developer Path Shovan Chatterjee